The TerriAnn V Plan



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So what’s included within the V Plan?

  • The Book
  • Vegan and Vegetarian weight loss plan
  • 42 Vegan and Vegetarian recipes
  • Over 100 healthy snack ideas
  • Weight loss Meal Plans
  • Exercise Plan
  • Weight Management
  • Weight maintenance
  • Introduction to vegan and vegetarian eating
  • Benefits of health to the environment
  • Nutritional balance and deficiencies guidance
  • Tips and inspiration for your new way of eating

Who is the TerriAnn V Plan suitable for?

Did you know that the V Plan is suitable for anyone interested in looking to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle? Whether you’re new to discovering the benefits of following a vegan and vegetarian way of eating (using it either exclusively or just because you’d like to add more meat free days to your diet) or want to know more, our new book, The Terri-Ann V Plan covers everything you need to know.

For those of you who want to lose weight, you’ll gain insight into how to do this by following our easy to follow weight loss plans, and there’s tips on how to maintain a healthy weight both through food and our workout section. We’ve also included a wonderful collection of delicious recipes and meal plans to inspire your journey towards plant-based eating as well as considering the positive environmental impact following a plant based diet can bring.

Start your V Plan journey today…