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Existing Member – NEW 2021 Treat A Day Plan Book

Book through the post PLUS Online membership £14.99

‼️This DOESN’T include a free app subscription or free food and mood eBook guide. Please see the main website www.terriann123dietplan.co.uk for this offer‼️

The Treat A Day Plan Will encourage you to enjoy a treat each day without any guilt thus will help to boost your self control and encourage you to be more mindful when you’re craving a treat.

NO food group restrictions

NO calorie counting

NO counting Syns or points

➡️ENJOY the foods you love

➡️ENJOY a treat every day

➡️NO Planning required

➡️PACKED with so much more then a “diet plan”

➡️LIFETIME support

LOSE up to 7lb in your first week

The reason I have created the “The Treat A Day Plan” is because I have found that some weeks too much deprivation and restriction has led to more cravings and caused me to fall off the healthy-eating wagon so the TerriAnn Treat A Day Plan was my way of taking back the control because now when I have my daily treat I feel happy and content.

Whats included in the book:

28 Day Meal Plan

Over 70 recipes

Snacks and Treats

Healthy Tips

Allergies and Intolerances


‍♀️Exercise Guidance


‍⚕️Your Wellbeing

Self Monitoring


The average loss in the first 7 days following this plan is between 5lb-7lb and then around 2lb per week thereafter.



The Treat A Day Plan Basics 

Each day you are given choices for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and of course your daily treat. We just advise that you spread out each meal so that you’re eating regularly throughout the day. 

It’s this simple… 

1:Choose your breakfast 

2:Choose your lunch 

3:Choose your dinner

4:Choose your snacks

5:Choose your TREAT!

No planning, stressing or thinking – i have done all the hard work for you. 

If you want to add more variety you’ll find lots of guidance and information within the book on which food groups, nutritional swaps are best for you.

I have created a 28 day example plan which includes all your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options however you can create your own using our additional meal ideas

When you allow a daily treat, you are in control—not the food.