TerriAnn can help you reach your goal with her amazing health and fitness programs - Start your FREE trial today!


Terri-Ann can help you reach your goal with her amazing health and fitness programs – Start your FREE trial today!

If you are looking for an affordable way to get healthy, lose weight, and transform your lifestyle – TerriAnns Diet Plans app is the perfect for you!

TerriAnns Diet Plans includes 25 different weight loss plans worth over £300, over 1000 recipes, including burgers, curries, muffins, and other tasty favourites. Each month we add new ones so you will never run out of delicious ideas.

What TerriAnn Plans are included?

  • FIVE of the famous TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan books ranging from 2015 to 2019
  • The super popular TerriAnn 7 Day Treat Plan
  • The original TerriAnn Vintage Plan
  • The TerriAnn New You Plan
  • The TerriAnn Immune boost Plan
  • The TerriAnn Spring Plan
  • The TerriAnn Slim Down Plan
  • The TerriAnn Shake Off Plan
  • The TerriAnn Louisiana Plan
  • The TerriAnn Thanks Giving Plan
  • The Fighting Fit Plan
  • The TerriAnn 10 Day Challenge
  • The TerriAnn Ninja Plan
  • The TerriAnn 10 Week Challenge
  • The TerriAnn “Fast” Loss Plan
  • The TerriAnn Diabetes Plan
  • The TerriAnn Budget Weight Loss Plan
  • The Ultimate Cleanse
  • TerriAnn V Plan
  • TerriAnn 123 Veggie Plan
  • NEW – TerriAnn Tailored 4 You Plan

Plus – The TerriAnn Food and Mood Guide – This booklet has been developed by TerriAnn Nunns, Psychologist’s and a Dietician to help you better understand your relationship with food; in particular how your mood can influence your eating patterns and vice versa.

And – The TerriAnn New You Guide – The TerriAnn New You Guide includes everything from couple life, family life, single life to new mums and the menopause. The aim of The TerriAnn New You guide is to give help and advice through all stages of life.

Premium includes personal support via our app’s unique friends and messaging feature plus online support via our community group where you can get advice, tips, and motivation every day from Terri-Ann, her team, and of course other members.

Premium also includes workouts with our personal trainers and TerriAnn.

Our workouts include:


  • Boxercise
  • AB and Core
  • Full Body
  • Kettlebell
  • Stretch
  • Legs, Bums and Tums
  • Squat Challenges
  • Circuit Training
  • Yoga

If exercise is not your thing that is not a problem, exercise is completely optional, all our plans work with or without exercise.

Ready to achieve your weight loss goals for good? Set yourself up for success with the guidance, motivation, and support from The Terri Ann App

All our weight loss plans included in the app and fit into busy schedules, they are easy to follow and have helped thousands to achieve their weight loss goals.

The app is an amazing addition to your TerriAnn journey and is just £4.99 per month or £34.99 per year (saving £24.89).

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