The TerriAnn Budget Loss Plan



The TerriAnn Budget Loss plan will learn everyone from families to couples and individuals how to follow a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

The 50 page eBook includes:

The Essentials Budget Family Plan:

A family plan which has a low cost of just £58  includes a full shopping list plus all the recipes you need to feed a family of 6.

The Budget Plan for 2:

A budget plan for two people which costs £42 and includes a full shopping list plus all the recipes you need to feed 2 people.   

Budget Batch Booking Recipes:

Each recipe serves up to six people with meal portions starting from as little as 41p per portion to a maximum of £1.26 per portion.

A Take Away Saver Menu:

Save money and ditch takeaways with some delicious British takeaway favourites cooked at home the healthy way saving you up to £38 per order.

Budget Workout:

As well as the eating side of being healthy I also wanted to help people get fit who can’t afford a gym membership, so I have also included an easy to follow home workout plan.

This 2023 Budget eBook will save you ££££ on the wallet and pounds in the waistline.

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Over the years in the weight loss industry I have heard so many people express that they can’t afford to eat healthy or that eating healthier is so much more expensive.

In the last 6 months these statements have increased dramatically to a point where people are now saying they cant afford to eat proper cooked meals never mind healthier versions.

This has been playing on the mind as a mum, that has also had points in my life where I couldn’t afford to eat to properly never mind eat healthy I wanted to create something to change that perception plus help as many people as I can lose weight and save money.