Fighting Fit Plan



The Fighting Fit Plan is a high fat, low-carb KETO plan that has a cycle which allows you to enjoy a treat each week without any guilt. John Paul found that by allowing himself a weekly treat he was able to boost his self control and become more mindful about his long term goal.

NO calorie counting

NO counting Syns or points

➡️ENJOY the foods you love

➡️ENJOY a treat every week 

➡️NO Planning required

➡️PACKED with so much more then a “diet plan”

LOSE up to 7lb in your first week

The average loss in the first 7 days following this plan is between 5lb-7lb and then around 2lb per week thereafter.

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Whats included in the book:

30 Day Meal Plan

Over 40 recipes

Snacks ideas

Eating out guide

Allergies and Intolerances

‍♀️Workout Plans


‍⚕️Mental health 

Habits and Hunger Scale 

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