The Terri-Ann Fast Loss Plan



Introducing The 2022 TerriAnn “Fast” Łoss Plan eBook 

The TerriAnn ‘FAST’ Loss Plan is an intermittent fasting eating plan that alternates between periods of eating and fasting.

During your eating window, you are given a set of principles to follow each day which makes the plan super easy to follow.

The eBook includes 3 methods I have previously tried, and I explain each one and its benefits so you can choose the one that suits you.

If you tend to overeat at night or are looking for a bit more discipline, my fast plan should help prevent mindless eating through the day. It might also be a good option if you’ve tried creating a calorie deficit in the past, but it didn’t work.

If you’re new to fasting then the TerriAnn “Fast” Loss plan is perfect for you. Not only is it an amazing weight loss plan but it’s also super informative about different fasting methods and their benefits.

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The Plan:

This easy to follow plan with full method guidance includes a step by step method to follow.

Step One: Choose your TerriAnn Fast method, workout your eating schedule.

Step Two: Choose your recipes and snacks then create a meal plan that follows the plan rules, you can use the example in the eBook to get you started.

Step Three: Choose your workout plan and plan your walks.

What’s included in the eBook?

THREE easy to follow methods with guidance for each one.

  • HOW to start guide
  • BENEFITS of fasting
  • TERRIANNS personal example
  • BASIC steps guidance
  • SEVEN day meal plan
  • SNACK ideas
  • RECIPE examples
  • WORKOUT plan
  • MAINTENANCE advice

Now Available a an EBOOK for just £9.99