The Terri-Ann Gym Workout Plan



Here it is, my personalised workout plan…

My name is TerriAnn and I am qualified level 2 fitness instructor and soon to be a qualified level 3 personal trainer. After losing weight 13 years ago and making lots of changes to my weight loss plans over the years, I decided this year I was going to refocus and this time make my fitness journey a priority. In the past I have been mainly diet focused with a fitness element in but 2023 I have become more fitness focused with a diet element and the results have been outstanding, not just physically but mentally.

I have been sharing my transformation on social media and lots of people have been asking for me to share my gym routine so I have put pen to paper and had my full workout designed with easy to follow instructions.


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Terri-Anns Full Gym Routine

62 Detailed Exercises

4 Day Week Schedule

Bonus CORE exercises

Each day has a list of exercises to follow and each exercise includes a detailed explanation of how to complete the exercise however if you do get stuck you can also use my app workout videos or YouTube for a “how to” video example.

Aswell as this gym routine I have been following my Tailored 4 You eating plan which is an eating plan tailored to your personalise goals, this is available on free the app or as an ebook.

This plan will be your personalised personal trainer, I cant wait to see your results.