Existing/APP Member - The 2020 TerriAnn Plan Book

£14.99 Existing/APP member SAVING £15

Lose weight with our amazing weight loss plan. Our easy to follow TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan book combined with our fantastic app will help you achieve your weight loss dreams.

What you’ll get receive through the post…

  • Our book which includes our easy to follow eating plan, 45 Recipes, Meal and Exercise Plans, Food Trackers, Food Diaries, Meal Prep Guide, Mental Wellbeing advice

If your a TerriAnn app subscriber you will also be given access to the online version of the TerriAnn 123 book and access to our TerriAnn 123 app support group, so you can access your book and support no matter were you are in the world .

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The TerriAnn 7 Day Slim Down

£9.99 Existing/APP member SAVING £7.99

It’s no secret that I love my meal prep!  It really is the number one way I’m able to stay on track with my eating and it also give me a healthy, fresh mind set.

Having all my delicious meals ready without the stress or planning makes a huge difference to my journey – Remember if you “fail to plan, plan to fail!”

There are so many benefits to The TerriAnn 7 Day Slim..

  1. Less likely to cheat if your food is ready waiting for you
  2. Saves you money on your shopping 
  3. Saves you time as it’s quick and easy to follow and takes 1 hour twice a week
  4. Flexible with food swaps if you don’t like the set plan
  5. Gets results – members are losing between 4lb and 14lb in one week.
  6. Comes complete with an exercise plan
  7. Gives you £4.99 back to spend on TerriAnn products.

With The TerriAnn 7 Day Slim following a healthy lifestyle isn’t hard either, it’s probably the easiest plan you will ever follow with the best results.

INCLUDES – A 3 day FREE TerriAnn app subscription so you will also be given access  to our TerriAnn eBook app support group, so you can access help and support  no matter were you are in the world 

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The TerriAnn V Plan

£7.99 Existing/APP member SAVING £6

Did you know that the V Plan is suitable for anyone interested in looking to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle? Whether you’re new to discovering the benefits of following a vegan and vegetarian way of eating (using it either exclusively or just because you’d like to add more meat-free days to your diet) or want to know more, our new book, The Terri-Ann V Plan covers everything you need to know.

INCLUDES – A 3 day FREE TerriAnn app subscription so you will also be given access  to our TerriAnn eBook app support group, so you can access help and support  no matter were you are in the world 

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All On Plan E-Book


All On Plan… E-Book, which is packed with a whole range of extra recipes for those different needs such as my takeaway adaptations with ‘Fake the Take’ as well as heartening soup and slow cooker recipes and, of course, a collection of oh so yummy desserts that will delight your sweet tooth but still be kind to your waistline! Oh and they’re full of vitamin rich ingredients too!

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NEW Yummy Tummy Tasty E-Book


Yummy Tummy Tasty Recipe Collection! Focusing on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides and sauces, each yummy recipe has been designed to work within the stages of your plan. And of course, they’re also full of goodness rich ingredients that will tang your taste buds whilst keep pesky hunger pangs at bay!

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The Terri Ann Veggie 123 Plan


Want to go meat free every day? See all the results of the original plan whilst following a nutritionally balanced diet that lowers the impact to the environment. Receive your own personal copy, lifetime membership and exclusive access to the Official Facebook Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan Members Community all for a one off cost of £14.99.

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The Terri Ann Treat A Day Plan


Book through the post PLUS Online membership £14.99!!

The Treat A Day Plan Will encourage you to enjoy a treat each day without any guilt thus will help to boost your self-control and encourage you to be more mindful when you’re craving a treat.

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Protein Shaker with Powder Storage

  • Dual Mixing Design: Each bottle comes with its own whisk and mix ball to make protein mixing as efficient as possible. It makes the mixing process incredibly easy and improves the flavor of the shake, perfect for your favorite drinks, protein shakes, smoothies or anything you want
  • Dishwasher Safe: Once shaken, stirred, and completely consumed, simply place the bottle in the dishwasher for an easy and effortless clean. We recommend hand washing the lid to increase longevity of the bottle and keep it at its best
  • Rust-proof and Easy Clean Mix Ball: Unlike most metal ball, our ball is made from top quality plastic material which is rust proof, never chip or peel. It is safe to leave the ball inside the bottle while you are enjoying the drinks, and you can wash it in your dishwasher without worrying about damaging it
  • 100% BPA Free & Storage Compartment: Our bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free material that is safe to your body and environmentally friendly. It has a detachable jar to store almost everything, including your favorite snacks, protein powder, supplements as well as your vitamin and supplement tablets
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TA 123 Booty Bands plus storage pouch and mini exercise book


TA 123 HYBRID Fabric Resistance Bands Set of 3 with a Bag – Resistance Colour-Coded Booty Bands for Women and Men – Loop Exercise Bands for Hip Glute and Legs Home Workout Kit

  • 1- SET OF 3 EXERCISE BANDS: A fitness equipment for home workouts, our set of 3 strength-coded heavy resistance bands for women and men; Lightweight, portable and discreet training bands for exercise at home, work, hotel, or gym
  • 2- COLOUR-CODED RESISTANCE LEVELS: Our resistant bands set comes in 3 distinctive for quick-recognition colours, each reflecting resistance levels; Green-light of 5-10kg, Pink-medium of 10-20kg and Purple-heavy of 20-30kg – excellent features to exercise efficiently and effectively to suit your abilities and goals
  • 3- WIDER & NON-SLIP: Each of the fitness bands is 38cm long and 8cm wide to ensure ideal fit and support; Pairing skin-smooth cotton and latex blend with anti-slip layers, our thick resistance bands for men and women will not displace or roll down during workouts
  • 4- VERSATILE LOWER BODY TRAINING: Build your strength through a perfect stretch and utilize these gym bands to be integrated seamlessly with all fitness programs for lower body workouts; Ideal as hip and glutes bands, squat bands, and leg bands for exercise, weightlifting, physio or post-injury recovery
  • 5- FOR ALL WORKOUT LEVELS: Perfect strength bands for women and men from beginners, intermediate to professionals; Three variety of resistance strengths will suit all entry levels and make our glute resistance bands fit for multitasking
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TA 123 Hot and Cold Flask with light temperature lid


TA 123 TEMP Bottle, Double Walled Vacuum Flask, 500ml LED Temperature Display, Insulated Baby Bottle for Drink, Hot & Cold Sport Drink Bottle for Cycling, Gym, Home, Office, and on The-go

  • About The TA 123 Temp Bottle
  • * Temp Smart LED touch temperature system – Our smart LED touch system provides our customers with instant temperature when they swipe on the the display, this is easy and convenient for checking the temperature of both hot and cold beverages.
  • * Temp 24 hours vacuum insulation technology – Our Temp bottles are engineered for keeping your beverage hot or cold for up-to 24 hours. Which makes it the perfect flask for on the go.
  • * Temp° Leak proof technology – our Temp bottles are made using silicone rings inside the lid with precision control to ensure leak proof use for all out customers.
  • * Temp engineered filters – The Temp filters are engineered to precision to allow high quality flow to Maximise drinking flow whilst straining and filtering the beverage in the bottle to provide our customers with a Temp quality drinking experience, this makes the bottle perfect for flavoured hot or cold beverages as they can be created throughout the day.
  • * Temp durability control – All our bottles are made with high-end stainless steal and an anti-slip silicone material in order to ensure a high grade of durability and insulation.
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TA gym/yoga leggings with pocket

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Fighting Fit Plan

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