Winter Adventures

Well it has been a couple of months since I wrote a blog as I have been incredibly busy but as I fly home from a short stay in Dubai I thought id touch base and catch up!

So first Dubai! Just WOW… Absolutely stunning place to visit I would recommend to anyone to go as either adult break or with the kids. There is so much to do and see!!

I had booked the break for my husband Michaels birthday and have bee out with another couple of friends who were also celebrating a birthday. We were only there for 4 days but managed to pack everything in – including water parks, quaking on the sand dunes, swimming with dolphins and of course eating loads of delicious foods! Complete off plan for 4 days but 100% worth it.

As I said I have been so busy the last few months, as I explained on a previous blog I have now got an incredible London based PR company that works for me and they are keeping me on my toes with interviews and all sorts which is a lot to add into an already jam-packed schedule!

I also am working on a secret announcement which will be made the week of Christmas and to get to this point has been incredibly time consuming – it will all become clear but every last late night and early start has been worth it and I hope you all love the news as much as I do!

So finally as Christmas arrives I have my first awards ceremony to attend as a finalist! I was nominated by a friend for 2 awards and both of which I’ve been finalised for and I will find out my fate on the 14th December!Eeeeekkk
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!!!

I’ll keep you all updated!

Speak soon,
Terri Ann xx

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