Week 4 of 2017

WOW how many months does this month have….

Well as January draws to an end its fair to say it has been long month. The first 3 weeks I have done well and managed to stay on track, but after a little wobble on Saturday (Vodka & Carbs got the better of me) ….I’ve managed to pull it back.


I put myself on The Boost to rectify my sinful Saturday and done loads of extra cardio and have lost 2lb!

My total loss since 3rd January is a staggering 11lbs! …Just 15lb left to go to be back at my pre baby weight!

I have two busy weekends coming up, this weekend I have surprised Michael with tickets to attend a VIP Evening with Connor McGregor in Manchester, I have ordered my dress (which hasn’t arrived… eeeekk) and I am focusing my mind on trying to keep on track….

I’ll keep you updated – Wish me luck! Speak soon.

Terri Ann x

PS – Don’t forget to keep on track and don’t look back! You got this!

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