Week 3 of 2017

I’m still feeling fairly positive and on track, I’ve been back on the Plan since the new year and I have already lost 8lbs! My goal is to get back to my pre-baby weight without putting myself under too much pressure.

I find by experimenting with recipe ideas helps me curb any cravings, this week I made a 123 pizza inspired omelette and it was delicious! 

See the recipe on the members area of our Facebook Support Group.

Its been a super busy week in the 123 HQ with a photoshoot and a new addition to my family!

Noooo not a baby ha! Me and Michael have purchased a new motor home so we can take the kids on little mini adventures! We both work too much it is our new years resolution to do more fun stuff!

After already spending one night away in it and getting it stuck in sludgy grass I’m not quite sure I’m ready for it but the kids are!

I will share more adventures soon!

Don’t forget to keep on track and don’t look back! You got this!

Speak soon.

Teri Ann x

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