Week 25 of 2017

Wedding season is here!!!!

Well what a busy week with too many people reporting amazing pre wedding weight loss, Its time like this is I LOVE MY
JOB even more!

I have had another busy weekend celebrating a family wedding. It was soo pretty and made me think of my wedding day! Definitely one of the most amazing days of my life!

I hope everyone getting married this summer has a amazing time!

Due to family life and work being crazy busy I hadn’t been 100% focused and throughout May had a wave of good and
bad days (eerrggghhh) What makes it worse is as soon as I’ve eaten something a little naughty I instantly regret it !
I restarted boost on 3rd of June with 14lb of post baby weight left to loose and have managed to lose 7lb leaving me just 7lb left to lose which has kicked started me to stay a little more focused…

I am now on a mission to loose this last bit in time for Arlo’s 1st birthday… I shall keep reminding myself STAY FOCUSED STAY FOCUSED.

Love & respect
TerriAnn x

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