Week 23 of 2017

Is that sunshine I can see….

Arrrrr there is NOTHING better than a little vitamin D after what feels like a super long winter!

Summer is most definitely my favourite time of the year, the kids get loads of fresh air, washing can go out on the line and we all get the lovely sunny glow on our faces!

I spent the start of my week in London – I went for business but did manage to have a couple of hours of down time and enjoyed a lovely lunch in Soho before heading back to Doncaster.

I have been to loads of meetings recently, and its all down to me wanting to really platform the plan, and take it to the next step! Hopefully these coming weeks you will start to hear more about how I plan on doing that but for now I must shhhhh…

You may of noticed over the last few months I’ve made some simple changes in hope to simplify and help members get the best results!

The plan is THE PEOPLE’S DIET its built around you guys, and its super important to me that it stays that way how ever it grows. At just £19.99 and with all the extra features and benefits, it really is great value for money and I hope you feel the same!

This coming week I have a busy schedule, planning my next meet and greet (Doncaster) and also assisting my lovely hubby Michael as he gets ready to launch ‘NutriNunns’ his new business. If you haven’t already please do check it out!

If anyone needs me please do drop me a message, or call and il be happy to help with any queries!

Fingers crossed the sunshine sticks around for as long as possible!

Love & respect,
TerriAnn x

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