Treat time – because you’re worth it

Many of us are pre-disposed to associate treats with food or drink. We do something well or have a little time to spare and ‘treat’ ourselves with a piece of cake, glass of wine or beer.

But when you are on plan, treats like this are temporarily not allowed. But fear not, here are a few more ways in which you can treat yourself without spoiling all your hard work

Technology. Put it down…. Go on, just for half an hour or so. Don’t check your messages or mail, your social media feed or anything. You could of course pick it up, dial a number and speak to someone who makes you happy. You may just find technology free time is such a treat you make it a daily occurrence J

Relax. You may find that following my diet plan has made you feel calmer and more able to relax, it’s a common positive of eating healthier and sleeping better. Capitalise on this and take time to relax…. Chat with a friend or just potter about doing what you love. Whatever it is, relaxing is definitely good for you and your wellbeing.

Eat. Just because you can’t have cake or chips doesn’t mean that you can’t have a foody treat. Cook yourself a new meal from our recipe book and enjoy taking the time to create something from scratch. Or, get a group of friends or family together and pop out for a bit to eat. There is still so much you can enjoy without losing sight of your goals.

Amazing. This is you! Just remember how well you are doing and what you are achieving. Following the plan can have a big impact on your lifestyle, perhaps opening doors and bringing new opportunities thanks to new found confidence.

Time. Perhaps the most precious commodity of all. Find sometime each day to do what makes you happy. Walk the dog, play with the kids, flick through a magazine or indulge a guilty pleasure such as binge watching a box set. Whatever it is just grab five…. Iife is too short not to!

Cozy evening with a book and a cup of coffee

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