Top ten diet tips that really do work

This week’s blog is just ten simple tips. Not rocket science. Not difficult. But they will help to keep you going!

1. Temptation – It’s easy to say ‘remove all temptation from your home’ but if you’ve got children and families that don’t want to miss out we know that is just not going to work! So just remember giving in to temptation will undo what you are achieving. This is when you need…

2. Willpower – This is just a desire to succeed. Find that determination and hang on to it. Ignore temptation because the end result will make you feel so proud. Trust me… it’s a great feeling!

3. Exercise – Whilst the plan does not need exercise to be successful exercise can bring a new ‘feel good’ dimension to your life. Any physical activity releases happy hormones and if you’ve not done anything like this before, give it a go. It really is a mood lifter!

4. Plan, plan, plan – Shop on a weekly basis to a meal plan. If you’re going out, make plans to drive so the alcohol situation is removed and don’t be afraid to ask for meal options to be prepared that fit with the plan

5. Drink plenty of water – Water is good for your skin, digestion and will aid your weight loss. What’s not to like about water!

6. Take a before photo and before measurements – Please, please, please do this. Sometimes the scales aren’t always out best friend but the camera and the tape measure never lie.

7. Ditch liquid calories – Fruit juice, fizzy drinks, alcohol, milky coffees… they’ve all got to go. They are just empty calories that sabotage your efforts.

8. Get enough sleep – Get into a sleep routine. Go to bed at the same time. Ditch the TV, mobile phone, tablet at least 30 minutes before bed. Make sure you get enough sleep whether that’s six hours, eight hours or more. Do what works for you so that when you wake you feel revitalised and ready to tackle the day!

9. Never get too hungry – This diet has been designed for you to eat six times a day so that you eat smaller potions and more often ensuring those hunger pangs, which can lead to over eating, are eliminated.

10. Keep track – Please use the trackers provided. Do it every week that you are on plan as it can make a huge difference, making you really aware of what you are doing. Any weight loss problems can often be easily identified from accurate trackers too. Many members record what they eat even when they are in the maintenance stage as it just keeps them focused so the pounds do not start to creep on again

So, that’s it! Ten top tips to help you succeed.

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