Top Drinks, Low calories!

It’s that time of year; when keeping to plan can seem like the biggest challenge you’ve faced all year!

And, perhaps one of the biggest potential downfalls is drink! Generally packed with calories and with the power to dilute the strongest of willpowers just a couple of glasses of wine can see the most determined of us reaching for the buffet treats and midnight snacks.

To help you make the most of the festive season and stay on plan here are a few tipple tips!
  • Stick to clear drinks such as Gin and Tonic or Vodka and Soda.

They have less calories, are less likely to give you a killer hangover and you can easily ditch the spirit and just have the mixer without anyone being any the wiser!

  • Alternate your alcoholic drinks with water.

Yes, we know you’ve read about this since the year dot but it really does work! It helps to keep you sober (or should we say less tipsy!), which means you make better choices and can swerve slightly from your goal rather than take a massive detour!

  • Beware of soft drinks!

We recognise that it’s not all about alcohol. If you don’t drink at all, are the designated driver or simply sticking to the plan don’t be drawn into quaffing gallons of fruit juice, soft drinks or specially formulated soft drinks for the party season. Most are laden with sugar so you are better of sticking with low calorie tonic, soda water and other low calorie mixers.

  • Flaunt the fizz!

Champagne is one of the lowest alcoholic drinks coming in at less than 100 calories per glass. But if that’s not for you a small glass of Pinot Noir, single Gin and low calorie tonic and mojito generally come in at around the 100-calorie mark too.

  • What to do if the party spirit got the better of you.

We’ve all done it and we’ll all do it again at some point. Thrown caution to the wind and then regretted it the morning after. Rather than berate yourself unnecessarily, get straight back on plan doing the ten-day boost to the letter.


One thing is for certain you can still have great nights out and keep your goals firmly in mind 🙂

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