Zoe Angell

I started my weight loss journey thinking nothing works for me but let’s just give it a try, I also have an under active thyroid so for me it felt impossible to lose weight. On the 29th November 2016 I started the 123 plan ¬†weighing 15st 1lb, by February 2017 I had lost 2st, then decided to treat myself with takeaways (bad idea). I kept yo-yoing from 13st back up to 14st. I had 2months off plan in may and June then started again in July as I had a wedding dress to fit into. Some days/weeks were hard to stick to the plan so I wasn’t always on plan. I am currently 11st 3.4lb and a size 14 (instead of 22) and have had to change wedding dresses 4 times due to weight loss. My wedding dress now fits perfectly. 10lb left to lose to reach my target, i will still be classed as over weight according to the bmi chart, but I am happy with how I look and feel. Thank you terriann, 123 has definitely changed my life! I can now play with my children and not get out of breath.

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