Stacie Watts

Stacie Watts When i first got the books it took me about 4/5 months to actually start i just thought its another diet i wont lose or stick to it then my kids started school and i felt embarrassed been the size 26/28 mum in the playground and saw a horrid picture of myself i wanted to enjoy my children been young go on rides, down slides and go swimming, i suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and postnatal depression within the first couple months i’d dropped 2 stone my confidence kept growing my clothes kept shrinking the support was amazing everyone keeps you going, i have now lost 9 stone and do lots of things for charity like three peaks, race 4 life and entered tough mudder, it doesn’t matter how long your journey takes or even if u fall off a little because i have what counts is you get back on it set small goals i never started with the intention of losing 9 stone i set a stone at a time and my panic attacks are a thing of the past x


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