Michelle Waltho

I started the 123 plan back in November 2016. After loosing a stone at the gym I found that I couldn’t get below the 12 stone I was stuck at. I tried all other plans and diets but I’d loose a few pounds and once I finished I would put it all back on.

After searching on Facebook I came across Terri-Ann 123 page and joined the introduction page. Reading all the members story’s I asked for some information. I friend of mine who I didn’t no was already on the plan then sent me a message saying how good it is and she’d lost a stone last time she did it and just brought the new book.

Ordered the plan and it came with in 3 days. Reading the book I panicked and thought I couldn’t do this. But once I was in members and read all the information and looked at the meals and plans I made a plan up. Still a bit confused Terri Ann personality messaged me and ask if I needed help. So with the help from the admins and advisers I got my 10 day boost done.

The first few days was hard as I struggled too eat so much ( I couldn’t believe how much food I was allowed to eat) and was convinced I wasn’t going loose. Day 4 weight in and I lost 4lb. Then day 11 I lost 6lb. I couldn’t believe it. I even had a few blips too.

Fast forward nearly a year and iv lost 1st 7lb iv lost loads of inches too. I’m a slow looser when it comes to weight so now I mainly take photos and compare them. Iv still got about a stone too loose but I no with 123 I can do it (just got to stop being naughty as wine is my downfall) but I always no if I have a bad day I can get back on the plan and get back to where I was.

I can’t really say there’s anything I don’t like about the plan. With meals and 3 snacks a day, 123 pudding and treats I’m never hungry. And never feel like I’m missing out

As well as the weight loss it’s help with my IBS my energy and my skin as cleared up my nails and hair have grown loads too. As well as my confidence.

Now I’m apart of the team as an adviser and I enjoy helping other members with their weigh loss journey too.

If I can do it so can you.


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