Louise Copeland

Started this diet Dec 2016 but time I got my head around what I was doing I started properly in Jan 2017, had a few ups and downs on the diet, went on holiday and put a stone back on but lost it again within 3 weeks, I started a size 20 /22 & am now a size 12 but can get into some 10’s love this diet, I have a few obstacles in my way i.e a thyroid problem what puts weight on you plus I’m on medication that can give you weight gain but I have still managed, I’m 2lb off losing 6 stone altogether so to say I’m delighted is an understatement, feel so much better for it, fair to say im unrecognisable now, I walk down the street and say hi to people and they just look as if to say who are you haha, recommend this diet to anyone , I love it that much I have my husband and daughter doing it and they have lost on it too.

Oh forgot to say ive learning difficulties with my brain injury so struggled to get my head around the diet for a while ,if i can do it anyone can xx#


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