Kimberley Watson

I have always been on the larger side, but it was getting to the point a couple of years ago that I couldn’t believe how much I weighed, I was approaching 30 and unhappy!

I decided that it was my turn to do something about it! I tried the weekly groups, the juice diets etc, none of them realistic!

Then I came across the TA 123 plan.

I purchased the plan last year, I started loosely and followed some of the principles, I was losing weight but not at great speed.

This year I decided to sort it out and do this properly!! No more half-heartedness. This was down to me!!

So far I have lost almost 3 stone on this plan and a stone on the new 2018 plan this year (I have been naughty at times) but this is all part of the journey.

I write this with a TA 123 shake in hand.

I Love this plan, it has changed me and made me want to do better.

The most important aspect is the one to one support 7 days a week that helps keep you focussed without the advisors I don’t think I would be this far.

Thank you all TA 123 Team xxx

Although now I have lost over 3 stone x


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