Jessica Armstrong

My names Jessica Armstrong and I’m 26 years old. I started the Terri Ann 123 diet February 2016. A relative had made fun of me weight and insinuated I was ‘fat’ which made me realise my weight gain was becoming an issue. My confidence was knocked. I was depressed after relocating and turned to food which I think a lot of us can relate to. I’ve watched the diets progress over the years and thought it was my time to change. Ordered the book and got started straight away. At first you look at the book stressed confused and thinking of all the stuff you are going to miss. But after reading it and making food plans for each week I got into the swing of it. I lost 12lb in my first ten days! My biggest tip is take pictures to see your transformation. I lost 2.3 stone within a few months and happy to say I’ve maintained this since. Proves not only does it give quick results but it’s possible to keep it off. I have breaks from the diet and eat whatever I want and then complete a boost to keep the weight down. I loved the meet and greet in Doncaster and recommend meeting Terri Ann and her team because its humbling to hear her story and the woman behind this amazing diet. I envied people who were healthy and posting fitness pictures but instead I’ve transformed my life! At the start of the diet for around 6 months I didn’t exercise because I never felt good enough to step into the world of fitness. Thanks to the diet and losing weight I’ve gained confidence. I now go to the gym and do high intensity interval training. I enjoy the diet, the teams support and knowing I’m going to lose weight each time. I’ve gone from a big size 12 to an 8-10 sometimes even a size 6. I’m currently 9.3 stone. I have recently completed the cleanse which is a separate stricter plan great for fast results. I love no membership fees, great advice from the fb admin and the friendly support from terri Ann herself. All I want to say now is thank you so much to Terri Ann and her team. Few tips from me *plan your meals and prep them in advance * don’t focus on what you can’t eat look at what you can * set realistic goals and be proud of yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone * don’t just weigh yourself but take photos and measurements of your body My aim is to inspire you! jlarmstrong_ Please follow my Instagram for my progress.


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