Claire Buchan

I started the Terri-Ann 123 plan at the beginning of April 2017. In five and a half months I’ve lost 3 stone 9 lbs. My starting weight was 18 stone 2 lbs and I am currently 14 stone 7 lbs. I have an under active thyroid which I always used to blame for my weight, not any more!! I am just over the 1/2 way mark to my goal and delighted with my progress and energy levels. To be honest this diet was a ‘one last try’ for me before I gave up and went for a surgical option. Unlike lots of other dieters, I am not a yo yo dieter and haven’t had a lot of success on their diets in the past, although have tried them all. I was just weak when it came to food. I’ve been obese my whole adult life and was an overweight teenager. I was always able to make every excuse in the book; under active thyroid, I work full time in a busy and responsible role, I commute to work, have two young children and am studying at university and have a house to run on my own too. Whilst that is all true, I have now through this plan found the ability to look after myself too, giving me more energy to cope with all of my commitments and be better and more energetic with my two beautiful children. 2017 started terribly for me, I was the heaviest I had ever been, my marriage ended and was was so unfit and weak that a chest infection developed into pneumonia and floored me for a month. This diet was my turning point. The results are quick and constant. I haven’t exercised at all yet, my weight loss is purely by following the plan. I must admit though that I am now starting to feel the desire to exercise and thinking about toning up a bit more. My top tips are: just go for it, what can you loose apart from weight?; use the support its amazing; keep a food diary (this was a big one for me as I am never very organised), batch cook and finally enjoy your food and forgive yourself the little mistakes. A hiccup is just that, don’t write yourself off after a little mistake! I will never go back to eating the way I did before, because I genuinely don’t miss the foods.


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