Party like a Pro!

Yeh! It’s party season and if you are anything like us you love a good festive knees up!

And, because we know that you will already have planned how you can enjoy your celebrations whilst sticking to the plan (or deviating only very slightly by perhaps having a cheeky G & T or two) we thought we’d share some other tips on tackling the party season like a pro!


  • Christmas is a great time for a little bit of sparkle. And, even if the clock has run away with you and you’ve not had time to visit the salon, a trip to the local make up shop will see you easily able to find nail polish, eye products, contour kits and fake eyelashes all of which can give you fantastic results from the comfort of your own home.


  • Speaking of comfort, killer heels are called that for a reason! Able to render the most sophisticated of us into hobbling wrecks, make sure you invest in gel insoles, give yourself a pedicure before-hand so your toes are looking their best and remember that you want to be able to dance the night away, not be sat in the corner nursing your aching feet! Sometimes losing an inch of your heel choice can make all the difference!


  • Whether you ‘ve lost a few pounds, or a few stone, you should feel very proud and be more comfortable in your clothes than you were before. Take great satisfaction and pride in how you look – even if you are still on your weight loss journey remember that you are doing great and work that room with confidence!


  • Make water your friend for the night. It’ll keep you hydrated, numb any hunger pangs that you might have, particularly as you will be up late and working up an appetite dancing! And, if you do have a couple of alcoholic drinks it’ll help lessen the effects which may be particularly apparent if you haven’t indulged for a while.


Above all please stay safe. Whether it’s the works Christmas do, a night on the town with friends make sure you stay with someone at all times and make your way home safely and with someone you trust.

And of course, enjoy!

Wishing you a very Happy December from all at the 123 family x


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