New Year + New diet = New you

Why is that as the new year starts we always feel under so much pressure to ‘do something’? Give up alcohol… learn to run 5K….. make it the year that you find a new job or learn to play the piano?

But if you’re here with me, reading this, then I know that you have already made the decision to make 2018 count for you by adopting a new lifestyle, learning about my 123 Diet Plan and enjoying the amazing changes that will be coming your way! You are one of our 123 family and you will be so pleased with what you can achieve. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or have a much bigger goal in mind, I have helped thousands of people achieve their aims both as new year’s resolutions and also at any time of the year when that determination and willpower kicks in.

New Year – Yes, it might be new year but rather than think of it as a new year resolution think of it as a lifetime resolution. Embarking on the diet will re-educate the way that you think about food, teach you to cook and encourage you to keep these changes for good to ensure you reach your goals and then maintain that goal weight for good.

New Diet – Yes, it’s a diet…. You will be eating more healthy food not necessarily eating less. This is definitely a plan where there is no need to go hungry. It’s a carefully crafted diet, that has had the input and full accreditation of a qualified dietician, so that you are still getting all the vitamins, minerals and food groups that humans need to perform to the best of their ability. This diet is just helping you to be the best that you can be. Losing even a few pounds can bring a significant change in how you feel – for the better!

New You – The important thing to remember is that you are lovely and all this diet is doing is helping to make you healthy by losing any excess weight you have which can have a very negative impact on mental and physical wellbeing. It may make you feel more confident, it may empower you to take on new challenges, it may give you the courage to tackle a personal challenge – but one thing it will do is change your eating habits for a much healthier lifestyle.

So put them together and 2018 could be the New Year that a New Diet helps to create a New You (but only in terms of health and weight management).


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