July 2017


School holidays the toughest part of being a working parent.. Having 4 children makes it super important to ensure I have plans to keep the busy throughout the 6 weeks.. We have trips in the camper a few trips with grandparents and a few playdates with friends.

Being super busy parents, its so important to find some grown up time away from the children therefore we have saved and worked super hard throughout the year and saved to take a trip of a lifetime and in August we will be taking a coast to coast fly and drive across USA!

I’m super excited about this, I typically work 16 hours a day so to be fortunate enough to take a few days of us time makes all the hours so worth while.

Being in the USA will be a weight loss distraction but I’m still feeling fairly positive and as I’ve stayed pretty much on plan since the new year so feel as though I deserve a few little treats….

Its been a super busy week in the 123 HQ the girls haven’t stopped which is great as it means new faces in the members area and new goals being set!

Remember if anyone of you wishes for guidance or support I’m here 365 days. Just call or
message me.

I will share more adventures soon!

Don’t forget to keep on track and don’t look back! You got this!

Speak soon,
TerriAnn x

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