Finding it hard? Why it’s worth gritting your teeth

January is a hard enough time as it is…. Short days, log nights, cold weather and a lack of financial funds after the most expensive month of the year. Throw in a new eating plan and it can sometimes seem like there are just too many things to tackle.

But, digging deep and getting through the first few weeks of the 123 diet plan is soooo worth it! Within just a couple of weeks, lots of our members enjoy amazing results losing several pounds and noticing a difference in their appearance and wellbeing.

Keep going, and those few pounds and inches will become a few more and then a few more. Don’t look at it as a deprivation challenge, it’s a new way of eating that will make you fitter, healthier and have a massive impact on your life.

Remember that we are here to support you so if you’ve got any queries or questions just get in touch. Our members Facebook page has lots of support and our website has info, success stories and recipes to keep you on track.

Remember that the things worth having or often the hardest to achieve. Stay focused, stay on plan… you’ve got this!
Love TA x

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