Fail to plan, plan to fail

Whether you have been on plan for a few days, a few weeks or much longer you will have already realised that planning ahead plays a big part in how successful you are.

It gives you the opportunity to create meals that are varied and interesting for you and anyone that you may be eating with, time to plan snacks and take-out meals for work or busy lives and ensure your social life doesn’t have to stop just because you are losing weight.

Our founder Terri-Ann commented; “Willpower and planning are the two most important things to make this work and do you know? … they go hand in hand. Sticking to the plan is much easier if you’ve got a plan, and planning is much easier when you know how much you want to succeed.”

Because the 123 team want you to do well and achieve your goals we share the top planning tips of our three office ladies who support you each and every day.

Get into a routine straight away. Take a little time each week to organise a shopping list and make just one trip to the supermarket. That’s another temptation removed especially if you are shopping when tired or hungry.

If you are new to cooking, investing in our recipe book will really help. It’s packed full of easy to do recipes that don’t need unusual or expensive ingredients and lots of different tastes are catered for.

Finding a way around the challenges you face doesn’t mean going off plan. If you love chips enjoy parsnip or sweet potato fries instead. Love an Indian takeaway – learn to make your own Fakeaways detailed in our recipe book.

Remember that we have all done the plan and indeed are continuing with it today – for us it’s been a lifestyle change that has worked!

A little careful planning will mean that you too can succeed and if you have any queries at all -#justask


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