Don’t fall off the diet wagon!

Deciding to embark upon any lifestyle change is a big event and we know that those of you who have chosen to follow our plan are a committed bunch who are achieving great things!

So why is it that so many of us press the self-destruct button when the festive season hits?

With Christmas starting earlier and earlier the window for falling off the diet wagon becomes ever greater – it seems like it starts in mid-November and finishes on the 6th January when all the trimmings and decorations have been taken down!

By our reckoning that means eight weeks of potential partying and temptation heading our way!

But let’s get this in perspective and think about what this will mean. Eight weeks is a long time to not follow the plan. It’s enough time to get to New Year’s Eve and find that the little black dress or new pair of trousers no longer fits! So how can you get through it, indulge a little and keep all your health goals firmly on track?


  • Experience has shown us that planning is one of the best things you can do. Know what you are doing when and with whom. That way you can make decisions based on what you know will be available to eat and drink.
  • Put boundaries in place. Perhaps you say you won’t drink alcohol at home, on weekdays or something like that.
  • Agree in your head the days that you will have a ‘dieting day off’ perhaps Christmas Day or a trip to your favourite restaurant. A couple won’t matter providing you make wise choices and ensure you revert back to the ten day boost straight after.
  • If you are invited to a party where you contribute to the food make sure you take healthy food and low calorie drinks. Then, if it’s a feast of unhealthy treats and calorie laden cocktails you at least have a choice.


One thing is for certain; the festive season and sticking to the plan can live happily together!

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