About Me…

Founder & Creator of The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan

Welcome to my journey!

I am a mum of 4 beautiful children, and as like most mums I run a busy home, work full time, and I am married to my wonderful husband Michael.

Here is my journey so far, I hope it will inspire you or one of your loved ones to start their journey and become a healthier happier person…

In 2011 I was down about my weight, I would sit feeling sorry for myself making excuse after excuse, until one day I realised that the excuses weren’t going to change anything or make me happier.

I had been on every diet going, they were all so expensive and had average results, I found I would jump from one to another always struggling to adapt the diet to suit my busy lifestyle… nothing was working for me… I got so desperate I even tried slimming tablets!

I was spiralling out of control, comfort eating, feeling guilty then comfort eating again…. I hit rock bottom! I had to do something!

I knew many of the ‘High Street’ diets like the back of my hand and had a good knowledge of what worked and what didn’t, I decided one day I would utilise my knowledge and create a diet to suit me! I was going to use what I had learnt from previous diets and do my own thing.

So over a period of 5 months, I tried different food varieties, adding and removing food groups until I started to notice weight loss without feeling hungry.

As I lost weight I felt fantastic, I started to share my weight loss photos on my social media, everyone was interested in what I was doing and I would have lots of people commenting on my pictures asking me to share my secret.

One day I decided to share what I had been eating with my friends and family and it wasn’t long after that they too started to see results.

Friends told friends and one by one I was getting an influx of friend requests from people I didn’t even know!

Everyone wanted to know about the plan I had put together, my Facebook got so busy I created a group so I could share tips and help people lose their weight. As time passed, I felt fantastic, I gained the confidence and even joined a gym!

Over the next few months I was having lots of people send me before and after pictures and thanking me for helping them transform their lives. My family & friends kept telling that I should write down the plan and set it up as a business… The Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan was born.

It was impossible to carry on doing it for free due to printing, posting and time to support, so I introduced a low payment and gave my members hours of support per day, every day.

Right from the beginning of my journey all I wanted to do is help people and I knew if I was going to do this as a business, I wanted to ensure the plan was affordable and works!

In 2017, I have developed the plan further with a leading dietitian, furthered my own knowledge completing a personal training and nutrition course. Since working with my dietitian and using my own knowledge and experience I have created 5 new affordable weight loss plans, so I now have an affordable weight loss plan to suit everyone.

I have now sold over 150,000 books in 50 different countries. I have a Team of 8 Members of Staff, 1000s of Success Stories, a Recipe Books, an App, Monthly Newsletters, Online Exercise Videos and even more exciting things to come….

So if you’re sat reading my journey and think you can’t do it…. YOU can!

Grab life with both hands, remember that YOU are worth it, and go for it!!

No more excuses, No more putting yourself down, No more feeling sorry for yourself, No more worrying about what others might think…

JOIN The Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan and start YOUR JOURNEY today!

I can’t wait to see your results!

Lots of love

Terri-Ann Nunns

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